Ex-mayor makes stand for St Albans

Natalie Suleyman is the preselected Labor Party candidate for the newly formed seat of St Albans.  112660 Picture: YASEMIN TALATNatalie Suleyman is the preselected Labor Party candidate for the newly formed seat of St Albans. 112660 Picture: YASEMIN TALAT

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FORMER Brimbank mayor Natalie Suleyman is hoping to make a political comeback and represent the people of St Albans in a new role.
Ms Suleyman was last month named the preselected Australian Labor Party candidate for the new State seat of St Albans, over fellow Labor party member Anthony van der Craats.
An internal vote among Labor party members resulted in Ms Suleyman gaining a staggering 93 per cent of the total votes.
“I’m very humbled and overwhelmed by the enormous support of the local Labor members and I’m honoured to have been preselected as a Labor candidate for the new seat of St Albans,” Ms Suleyman said.
Ms Suleyman said she felt passionate about representing the St Albans community, especially having lived in St Albans her whole life.
Her highest priorities for the area included fixing St Albans and Furlong Rd rail crossings.
“Labor has committed to fixing St Albans station and also Furlong Rd rail crossing,” she said.
“I think there needs to be much more money invested towards the infrastructure in the West, things such as the railway crossings are important, public transport, linking our networks and Sunshine Hospital, they are my priorities,” she said.
Since leaving Brimbank Council in 2008 Ms Suleyman has continued to be active within the community.
“I continue to work actively in various campaigns including the last election, I work for a very active member of parliament and I continue to be involved with various community groups,” Ms Suleyman said.
“I’m just very proud and humbled to be the candidate of the Labor party and I’m looking forward to the challenge and advocating for the issues that matter to the people.”
If elected the three-time Brimbank mayor will also be the first Australian of Turkish Cypriot background to be in parliament which she said would be a great honour.

3 Responses to “Ex-mayor makes stand for St Albans”

  1. Catherine McDonald says:

    It is disgusting that the ALP continues to preselect candidates on the basis of factional obligations and with complete disregard for the local community and any sense of propriety. Ms Suleyman was mayor of Brimbank during one of its most disastrous and disgraceful periods. She was named in the 2009 Ombudsman’s report as an essential component of the council’s disfunctional nature. Her position as mayor enabled the corruption of the processes of the council in order to feed the machinations of the ALP factional warlords. Now the ALP seems to believe that she is a proper person to represent communities in State parliament.

    What happened to Bill Shorten’s promise for a more transparent and democratic ALP?

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  2. Catherine McDonald says:

    This extract is from Bill Scales’ report into the administration of the Brimbank City Council in 2009.

    “There is also evidence that unelected persons are still trying to inappropriately influence the actions of Councillors. For example the St Albans Branch of the ALP has attempted to influence councillors who are also members of the Labor Party to vote in a particular way on an important and very sensitive matter currently being considered by Council. It is not possible to know if this attempt to influence certain Councillors will be successful. However actions such as those by the St Albans Branch continue to undermine confidence in the governance and administration of Brimbank City

    This is particularly of concern because the Ombudsman Victoria Report (2008)gave very significant emphasis to this issue.
    “However I remain concerned that the influence and intervention of individuals who hold no local government office may continue”.
    (Ombudsman Victoria Report 2008, page 45, clause 194).

    And now the ALP rewards these “non-elected” people by providing them with preselection.

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  3. John Shorten says:

    I am glad not to live in St Albans with this result, Heavens forbid

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